Welcome to the European Academy of Early Education!

We are excited about our school and we are equally excited that you are considering to be a part of our innovative educational program. Every child at EAEE is unique and important and we work diligently to provide each of them with the best learning experience possible. Parents are always welcome and we encourage participation in the success of our school.

The concept of our unique educational center was planned and designed over a span of more than four years. It required detailed planning and layouts of the complex. In order to allow it to function as planned, special rooms were constructed, for each particular activity.

The design of this educational center enables the children to move from classroom to classroom and to be introduced to a different subject, each time by a different specialized teacher. This not only creates a varied learning environment for the children, but it also introduces them to different ideas and personalities. This broad exposure is planned to educate the ‘whole child’ and to assist them in forming a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

The administration and staff of the European Academy of Early Education are making a serious commitment to the success of the school and the students. We invite you to become an active member of our EAEE family.


The students of the European Academy of Early Education are encouraged to work, learn, and play in an environment which allows for the academic, personal, emotional, and social growth of each student based on individual needs and learning styles. As faculty, staff and administration, we are called to help students develop and achieve these outcomes by providing:

  • A child-centered curriculum that reflects current research and is based on age and developmentally appropriate practices
  • A supportive environment that fosters development at a pace appropriate to each individual child where they can explore all dimensions of learning
  • Opportunities for students to understand relationships among cultures, styles and historical periods
  • Opportunities for students to demonstrate artistic expression through production and performance

Importance of Early Education

Researchers, educators, national organizations and members of state and national governing agencies have said for years that growth and development of intelligence is the greatest during the early years of a child’s life. It is believed that individuals develop 50% – 60% of mature intelligence from conception to
age 4 (Dr. Benjamin Bloom of the University of Chicago). Mounting studies demonstrate that by age six, a child’s capacity to learn is largely formed. Staggering evidence that supports the case for broad access to early childhood programs include:

  • A child’s experiences in the first 3 years of life greatly affect the rest of his/her life
  • Children who receive high quality early childhood education enter school ready to learn and have better social skills, fewer grade retentions, & higher school graduation rates
  • School readiness is a critical indicator of later school success
  • Today’s children are tomorrow’s workers and their ability to learn and develop skills is shaped by their early experiences
  • Quality early childhood education reduces future crime rates
  • Employers find absenteeism drops, productivity improves, and turnover diminishes

The balanced curriculum offered at EAEE is designed to expand and stimulate not only the intellectual growth of each child, but also their emotional, social, and physical development.